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[ID: 384] Tree species trials on agricultural land.

PI: Linnea Larsson

Tree species trial on agricultural land. Two sites, 10128 Maj and 10129 Hundsjö. Established 2015, including tree-species-specific plots, full-mix plot and a 4-mix plot. Two birch species, Scots pine, Norway spruce, Larch, Lodgepole pine (contorta), poplar and alder.

agrucultural landsilvicultureTree species

[ID: 188] General composition of soil microbial communities in relation to higher productivity of Scots pine vs. Norway spruce stands

PI: Robert Blasko

The aim of the study is to explore the general composition of soil microbial communities and relate it to the higher productivity of the Scots pine stands at four different sites in Sweden. We analyzed soil samples for PLFA and ergosterol biomarkers and estimated fine-root biomass. In addition, we estimated ergosterol concentration in the fine roots.

soil microbial communitiesstand productivityTree species