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[ID: 384] Tree species trials on agricultural land.

PI: Linnea Larsson

Tree species trial on agricultural land. Two sites, 10128 Maj and 10129 Hundsjö. Established 2015, including tree-species-specific plots, full-mix plot and a 4-mix plot. Two birch species, Scots pine, Norway spruce, Larch, Lodgepole pine (contorta), poplar and alder.

silvicultureagrucultural landTree species

[ID: 174] Birch spruce replacement

PI: Emma Holmström

The purpose of the experiment is to have long term measurements of growth and stand development of the two species in monoculture vs mixture. The first treatments are initiated after regeneration on sites with planted Norway spruce and naturally regenerated birch where the two species are within the same average heights. First treatment is a pre-commercial thinning aiming for stand composition in four different levels : Every block is divided in four treatments with 100 % Norway spruce (NS), 100 % Birch, mixture 33 % NS and 66 % Birch, mixture 66 % NS and 33 % birch.

forest managementsilviculturesprucebirch