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Data policy and guidelines for researchers

Data policy

The safe deposit was developed at the unit for field based forest research (“the unit”) at SLU with the specific intent that it should act as a permanent data repository and archive of data generated by researchers using the research infrastructures provided by the unit. Additionally, we would like to see ongoing projects as living entities that grow with time and can act as a platform for collaboration. Therefore we provide two modes for files that have been uploaded to each project: 1. When the file is first uploaded it can be modified and deleted by any project collaborator with sufficient access rights to the project. 2. When the project moves more toward acting as storage for complementary data we provide the functionality of making files immutable, meaning that they can no longer be changed or deleted by any user of the system. Immutable files are easily spotted on project pages since they are marked with a key symbol.

Whenever a file is uploaded to the safe deposit it is given a Unique Universal Identifier (UUID), this UUID remains the same even if the file is made immutable later on. Each file is accessible by visiting https://www.safedeposit.se/assets/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx where the string of x’s and dashes is replaced by the specific UUID. File immutability can also be verified by performing a GET request to https://www.safedeposit.se/assets/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/immutable (for example by visiting the address using a web browser) which will return a plain-text answer including the UUID and the filename.

Data safety

The Safe Deposit is developed in-house at the unit and hosted on our very own hardware. The system itself builds on tried and true Open Source software and follows tight security conventions. This means that you can feel confident that your data will not be compromised before you are ready to share it with the world.

Additionally, all storage used for the safe deposit is configured in RAID 1, meaning that each hard-drive has one completely redundant fallback. Furthermore, encrypted backups of the system and all files are taken once per day and stored in two separate locations for several days, providing very robust protection against drive failure and potential data loss.

Data upload guidelines

As a digital platform, the safe deposit faces certain challenges regarding storage techniques and making sure data is available in the future, therefore we provide these guidelines for users of our platform.