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[ID: 318] Inventering av polygrafer i Småland (Linneuniversitetet, Kalmar)

PI: Anton Hubner

Med hjälp av kryssfällor med olika feromon behandlingar vill vi inventera närvaron av polygraphus poligraphus, P punctifrons och P. subopacus I Småland. Rapporter kring ökande densiteter i Norra Sverige vid skadegörelse av träd skapar ett behov över att kartlägga artenas utbredning.

Polygraferferomonpolygraphus poligraphusP punctifronsP. subopacus

[ID: 317] Whats the buzz with bilberries - Forest management effects on bilberry pollinator community structure and function in hemi boreal forests

PI: Jacob Björnberg

In this study, my aim is to investigate the differences in the structure of the european bluberry (V. myrtillus) pollinator communities under two contrasting forest management strategies in hemi-boreal forest stands in south-eastern Sweden. I will measure the abundance and species richness of wild pollinators in mature productive and old, natural forests and quantify the dominant pollinator species relative pollination effectiveness to set up a community network for these different types of forests.

forest managmentpollinationbilberry

[ID: 316] Preliminary study and analysis of available knowledge regarding damage risks in different forest management systems and associated economic comparisons

PI: Charlotta Erefur

It is of interest to investigate and evaluate the probability of different types of damage based on different forest management methods. This is to be able to weigh the risks, as well as any consequences of these methods when making economic comparisons. When including the risk of damage, the forest owner would receive a more complete background prior to the choice of management method. This feasibility study includes finding suitable researchers who can participate in the work and finding a way to tackle the problem.

management methodsforestrydamagerisk

[ID: 315] Spore monitoring at the experimental forests

PI: Åke Olson

Spore traps are installed in connection to the forest experimental forests and are being used for ongoing monitoring of existing and new airborne fungal spores. The operation is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology. The traps are located adjacent to the experimental forests climate monitoring stations to synergize the two programmes. This monitoring activity could be developed and expanded, but the question is where and how to collect spores to fulfil a wide array of research interests needs to be further investigated. A pilot study with varying trap placement and sample collection would be an important piece of the puzzle in developing our methods and this type of monitoring.


[ID: 314] The influence of forest management on insect diversity

PI: Adam Ekholm

Theory suggests that forest managed with selection systems should hold a more diverse community of insects and thereby also be less vulnerable to pest outbreaks, and in this project we will study the effect of forest management on insect diversity. We intend to place malaise and window traps in nine uneven-aged Picea abies stands that have been randomly subjected to one of three treatments.

climate changeinsectspestsdiversity

[ID: 313] Pilot study on collecting Hylastes-beetles using pitfall traps, on new and 1 year old clearcuts

PI: Kristina Wallertz

There are two primary purposes with this pilot study. 1) To develop the staffs general knowledge of Hylastes-beetles. 2) Using traps to survey the occurrence of Hylastes-beetles in two clear-cuts of different ages in order to get a broader picture of their occurrence within a defined geographical area, and to develop general knowledge on trapping strategies. Additionally, this will be a feasibility study on how to appropriately design a similar experiment on a larger scale.

hylastespitfall trapsclear-cuts

[ID: 312] Test av mekaniska plantskydd. Uppdrag Organox.

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Test av mekaniska plantskydd mot snytbaggeskador. Uppdrag från Organox.


[ID: 311] Radiell tillväxtrytm gran LNU

PI: Johan Lindeberg

Mätning av radiell tillväxt veckovis under tillväxtsäsongen 2021 i tre olika riktningar på 10 granar.


[ID: 310] Bastborrefångst på färska och ettåriga hyggen.

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Fällfångst av svart bastborre på färska och ettåriga hyggen.


[ID: 309] Plantgödslingsförsök Organox-2021

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Test av gödselmedel för plantor. Uppdrag Organox.


[ID: 308] Basinventering vilt (F466)

PI: Mikael Andersson

Inventering av betesskador i ungskog enligt en instruktion likanande den som använd inom älgbetesinventeringen, ÄBIN. Arbete utförs inom ett område mellan Växjö och Asa.


[ID: 307] Test av mekaniska plantskydd. Uppdrag Södra

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Uppdrag för att jämföra skyddseffekt hos mekaniska snytbaggeskydd.