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[ID: 406] Salinization experiment 2023

PI: Wilhelm Lönnqvist

Experiment within SITES/AquaNet to study functional and compositional consequences of different salinity disturbance regimes on plankton communities.


[ID: 405] Metodutveckling av inventering av permanenta vegetations- och föryngringsytor i långsiktiga fältförsök

PI: Ola Langvall

Enheten för skoglig fältforskning har som ambition att utöka fältförsöksdatasystemet med uppgifter om småplantor (<1,3 m höjd) och/eller övrig fält och markvegetation. Detta interna projekt ska ta fram en standardmetodik och en instruktion till en sådan rutin, samt utveckla databaserade rutiner för utläggning av provytor, datainsamling och hantering av data i fältförsöksdatasystemet.

plantinventeringvegetationsinventeringskogliga fältförsökfältförsöksdatasystemet

[ID: 404] Test av mekaniska plantskydd. Uppdrag Svenska Skogsplantor 2023

PI: Martin Goude

Test av mekaniska plantskydd mot snytbagge. Uppdrag Svenska Skogsplantor.


[ID: 403] Gödslingsförsök Agroblen, anlagt 2015 (10012-10014).

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Återinventering av plantgödslingsförsök med Agroblen, anlagt 2015.


[ID: 402] Plantgödslingsförsök. Uppdrag Organox 2023

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Test av gödselmedel som ges i samband med plantering av granplantor. Uppdrag från Organox AB.


[ID: 401] Test av mekaniska plantskydd. Uppdrag Organox 2023

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Test av mekaniska plantskydd mot snytbaggeskador. Uppdrag från Organox AB.


[ID: 400] Test av mekaniska plantskydd. Uppdrag Norsk Wax 2023

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Test av mekaniska plantskydd mot snytbaggeskador. Uppdrag från Norsk Wax


[ID: 399] Fältförsök Populus-hybrider - SweeTree Technologies

PI: Martin Goude

Försök med poppel och hybridasp för SweeTree Technologies.


[ID: 398] Test av mekaniska plantskydd. Uppdrag Södra 2023

PI: Stefan Eriksson

Test av mekaniska plantskydd mot snytbaggeskador på gran och tall. Uppdrag från Södra.


[ID: 396] Foodscape and damage

PI: Annika Felton

This is a thinning experiment where we evaluate the effect of different thinning regimes in spruce dominated forests on the recovery of understory vegetation. It is a collaboration between SLU Forest damage centre and Sveaskog.

ungulate foragethinningrestoration

[ID: 395] Uppdrag åt Linnéuniversitetet

PI: Johan Westin

Faktuering av arbetstid efter överenskommelse - fälttentamen, exkursioner


[ID: 392] Reforestation of abandoned agricultural land

PI: Tomas Lundmark

Since the 1950s, the area of agricultural land has decreased in the country, and especially in the northern parts. This means that there is agricultural land in northern Sweden that has not been used for a long time and has slowly started to degenerate into bush land. It is likely that large parts of this land was previously good forest land with high forest growth. In order to investigate the potential of reforesting degenerated agricultural land, a new trial is planned with a mixed forest of spruce and birch, two tree species that are considered suitable in northern Sweden and that also work well in combination. In 2022, a first research site was established in Vindeln, Västerbotten. The land was cultivated so that grass and bushes are mixed with the mineral soil. Granulated lime will be added to half the experiment to regulate the pH. Planting took place in rows with every other birch and spruce. Birch: 1-year-old seedlings from Finnish seed orchard with origin lat: 62-64°, Spruce: 1-year-old plants origin FP-130 Domsjöänget. Distance between the rows was approx. 1.5 m and between the plants approx. 1 m. Weeding may be necessary in the first years if it becomes abundant and competes hard with the tree plants. If grazing damage occurs and is judged to be serious, the experiment must be fenced. In 2023 the field site will be inventoried regarding survival and damage. When the trees become large enough, permanent growth and yield plots are established according to SLU standards. The idea is that this will be a long-term trial.

reforestationagricultural landmixed forest