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[ID: 337] Long-term experimental set up for exploring global change effects on the peatland biogeochemistry.

PI: Matthias Peichl

Plot-based manipulations have been carried out since 1995 to investigate the single and interactive effects of increased nitrogen, sulfur and temperature on the peatland biogeochemistry. Since 2004, additional snow exclusion plots were established to simulate increased soil frost effects on various biogeochemical processes. Thus, this unique series of long-term manipulations addresses the consequences from several key global change issues on e.g. the greenhouse gas balance, vegetation dynamics and soil microbial communities in northern peatlands.

peatlandtemperaturesulfursoil frostNitrogen

[ID: 118] Bridging scales: Carbon and greenhouse gas budgets from the plot to regional level in boreal Sweden

PI: Matthias Peichl

The project goal is to assess and cross-validate carbon and GHG budgets from plot to regional scales in boreal Sweden using chamber measurements, eddy covariance and atmospheric transport modeling. Project period: 2019-2021

Boreal Swedencarbon and greenhouse gas balanceatmospheric transport modelingchamber techniqueclimateeddy covarianceforestpeatland