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[ID: 337] Long-term experimental set up for exploring global change effects on the peatland biogeochemistry.

PI: Matthias Peichl

Plot-based manipulations have been carried out since 1995 to investigate the single and interactive effects of increased nitrogen, sulfur and temperature on the peatland biogeochemistry. Since 2004, additional snow exclusion plots were established to simulate increased soil frost effects on various biogeochemical processes. Thus, this unique series of long-term manipulations addresses the consequences from several key global change issues on e.g. the greenhouse gas balance, vegetation dynamics and soil microbial communities in northern peatlands.

peatlandtemperaturesulfursoil frostNitrogen

[ID: 253] Reference climate monitoring at the Experimental Forests

PI: Ola Langvall

Reference climate monitoring takes place at all experimental forests (only during the summer in Ätnarova). It got its common design in 1989 and started routinely in January 1990. The basic measurement comprise air and ground temperatures, humidity, global radiation and precipitation. Measurement data is automatically processed for forestry applications. Climate data from the reference stations is stored and available at the respective experimental park and at Vindelns experimental parks.

temperatureweatherclimatelong timeseriesmonitoringtimeseries

[ID: 111] DRIP effect on organic matter decomposition

PI: Lenka Kuglerova

In this project we are looking on how do DRIPs (discrete riparian inflow points) affect decomposition of organic matter. We are using standardized assays of tea-bags and cotton strips to asses decomposition patters in riparian soils and in streams. 30 sites with a gradient of DRIP magnitude (from relatively dry sties to zero order stream channels) are used along streams C5-C6, C4, C8, C7, C10, C3, C1 (plus potential additions). The project is a collaboration with Umeå University and Griffith University, Australia.

cotton stripdecompositionstreamgroundwatertea-bagriparian soildriptemperature

[ID: 104] Sphagnum warming and microbiome project

PI: Gustaf Granath

Investigating the relationship between the environmentally conditioned microbiome and Sphagnum performance to temperature