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[ID: 118] Bridging scales: Carbon and greenhouse gas budgets from the plot to regional level in boreal Sweden

PI: Matthias Peichl

The project goal is to assess and cross-validate carbon and GHG budgets from plot to regional scales in boreal Sweden using chamber measurements, eddy covariance and atmospheric transport modeling. Project period: 2019-2021

peatlandforesteddy covarianceclimatechamber techniquecarbon and greenhouse gas balanceBoreal Swedenatmospheric transport modeling

[ID: 69] How does drainage and ditch maintenance affect the greenhouse gas balance of forested peatlands in the Swedish boreal landscape?

PI: Matthias Peichl

The project goal is to estimate the effects of drainage and ditch maintenance on the greenhouse gas balance of drained peatland forests in the Swedish boreal landscape using eddy covariance and chamber measurements. Project period: 2017-2019

greenhouse gas balanceboreal swedenclimatepeatland forestsdrainageeddy covarianceditch maintenancechamber technique