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[ID: 360] Non-symbiotic N2 fixation in forest soils

PI: Eduardo Vazquez Garcia

We aim to evaluate the non-symbiotic N2 fixation in forest soils. We are planning to collect soil samples from approx. 15 sites of the thinning-fertilization long-term experiment to measure the non-symbiotic N2 fixation in soils. We expect to collect samples along a latitudinal gradient in order to evaluate the effect of temperature on non-symbiotic N2 fixation.

N2 fixationforestsoilnitrogentemperature gradient

[ID: 282] Degerö fertilization (DegFert)

PI: Mats Nilsson

Fertilization experiment on individual trees at Degerö and nearby areas


[ID: 118] Bridging scales: Carbon and greenhouse gas budgets from the plot to regional level in boreal Sweden

PI: Matthias Peichl

The project goal is to assess and cross-validate carbon and GHG budgets from plot to regional scales in boreal Sweden using chamber measurements, eddy covariance and atmospheric transport modeling. Project period: 2019-2021

atmospheric transport modelingBoreal Swedencarbon and greenhouse gas balancechamber techniqueclimateeddy covarianceforestpeatland