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[ID: 411] Carbon balance of boreal cropland (Röbäcksdalen)

PI: Matthias Peichl

Eddy covariance measurements will be carried out over an agricultural field at SLU Röbäcksdalen

Eddy covarianceagriculturecarbon balance

[ID: 385] SITES Spectral

PI: Lars Eklundh

SITES Spectral is an infrastructure for collecting spectral data for ecosystem measurements. By fixed and mobile multispectral sensors and cameras seasonal and inter-annual variations in vegetation conditions are captured over small and intermediate areas. The SITES Spectral instrument setup consists of multispectral sensors, phenology cameras and UAV:s. The collected data is relevant to the studies of a number of processes in the ecosystems; for example, productivity, efficiency of use of light and moisture conditions. Through this initiative SITES can provide data for research related to e.g. climate change, carbon and greenhouse gas balances, phenology, general ecology and biodiversity and plant science.

climate changecarbon balancegreenhouse gas balancephenology

[ID: 70] Does sustained yield of forest biomass result in a carbon sink at the forest landscape scale?

PI: Matthias Peichl

The project goal is to estimate the full carbon balance of a managed boreal forest landscape (i.e. the Krycklan catchment) using tall tower eddy covariance measurements and bottom-up scaling based on detailed plot-level measurements of terrestrial and aquatic carbon fluxes combined with high-resolution Lidar data. Project period: 2016-2018

boreal forest landscapebottom-up scalingcarbon balancechamber flux measurementseddy covariancelidartall tower