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[ID: 340] 1477 Flakaliden: How vulnerable is soil-stored carbon to forest dieback in fertilized and non-fertilized forests?

PI: Hyungwoo Lim

In this project, we aim to quantify a long-term legacy effect of fertilisation on carbon dynamics in response to forest dieback in a Picea abies forest in northern Sweden. Large-scale girdling13 (1000 m2, made in 2004) will be employed to mimic forest dieback induced by carbon starvation, effectively simulating a bark beetle or root rot outbreak14. Existing data and samples on soil carbon efflux and pools collected in 2004–2005, together with planned samplings this year will be used to quantify the responses. Chemical composition of soil organic matter and soil fungal community will also be examined to provide underlying mechanisms for the carbon decomposition and stock changes.

FertilizationSoil carbon decompositionBark beetle

[ID: 322] Duration of fertilization effects into the next rotation period

PI: Marcus Larsson

Assessment of the present effect of fertilization in established stands in which a remaning effect of previous fertilization of the old forests could be detected in the new young stands on growth, vegetation, and nitrogen turnover on forest land. Examination of a number of young stands (n = 21) in Bispgården, were done between 2008 and 2015. The stands had all been established on clear-cuts were the previous stands had either been fertilized once (1985) or fertilized twice (1977 & 1985) or unfertilized. The stands were cut between 1997–2000, soil prepared and then planted. The results from the new stands have been presented in publications (Strengbom and Nordin, 2008, 2012; From, Strengbom and Nordin, 2015). The results showed a significant effects of fertilization into the next rotation period and in the new young stands.

Fertilizationrotation periodlingering effects

[ID: 252] Undersvik

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Forest fertilisation and nutrient leakage

FertilizationSveaskognutrient leakage