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[ID: 322] Duration of fertilization effects into the next rotation period

PI: Marcus Larsson

Assessment of the present effect of fertilization in established stands in which a remaning effect of previous fertilization of the old forests could be detected in the new young stands on growth, vegetation, and nitrogen turnover on forest land. Examination of a number of young stands (n = 21) in Bispgården, were done between 2008 and 2015. The stands had all been established on clear-cuts were the previous stands had either been fertilized once (1985) or fertilized twice (1977 & 1985) or unfertilized. The stands were cut between 1997–2000, soil prepared and then planted. The results from the new stands have been presented in publications (Strengbom and Nordin, 2008, 2012; From, Strengbom and Nordin, 2015). The results showed a significant effects of fertilization into the next rotation period and in the new young stands.

Fertilizationlingering effectsrotation period