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[ID: 120] Biochar management

PI: Michael Gundale

We have set up a replicated (n=6) experiment testing for the effect of biochar addition to soil, and a wide range of properties. The experiment consists of 4 treatments, control, soil mixing, biochar addition, and biochar and mixing. The experiment is set up at Åhedon, near Svartberget field station.

biocharsoilcarbon sequestrationforest growth

[ID: 97] How does groundwater movement affect tree growth, soil carbon accumulation and nutrient availability?

PI: Johannes Larson

This project studies how shallow groundwater movement affects soil organic carbon, nutrient accumulation and tree growth. By using a high density forest and soil survey in relation to high resolution hydrological maps, this project aims to understand the spatial variation of soil properties and forest growth within the Krycklan catchment. Further understanding of how hydrology controls the spatial variation of soil properties and forest growth can be used to locate areas of with high potential of forest growth and carbon sequestration. This reseach will also try to further the understanding of the commonly observed production gradients along slopes in Boreal landscapes, moving from recharge to discharge areas.

dtwforest growthsoil surveygroundwater availabilitysoil propertiesforest hydrology