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[ID: 379] Impact of climate change on peatland mesocosms under various scenarios

PI: Shokoufeh Salimi

The project aims to investigate the effect of climate change on peatland mesocosms under different scenarios a) left alone b) ditch cleaning c) restoration. In this study, the response of peatlands mesocosms will be monitored in terms of hydrology, nutrients dynamics, as well as greenhouse gas emission.

Peatland mesocosmsClimate changeRestoration

[ID: 363] SUPERB Sweden

PI: Johan Svensson

The project is focusing on restoration of forests and forest landscapes. Swedish project partners are SLU, Biosphere Reserve Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka and Västerbotten's regional forest program. Biosphere Reserve Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka is one of twelve European model landscapes. The overall goal of the project is to develop knowledge and create conditions for, and demonstration of, large-scale restoration of forests and forest landscapes throughout Europe. The entire project is led by the European Forest Institute and includes a total of 36 organizations from different countries in Europe. The Swedish part of the project is about compiling knowledge about restoration methods, identifying suitable areas for restoration measures, planning and implementing restoration measures, and studying and following up the effects of the restoration measures. Examples of areas that are interesting in the biosphere reserve are forests that are important for green infrastructure, important areas for the reindeer herding, meadow areas, wetlands and catchments.

Restorationforest landscapesgreen infrastructure