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[ID: 379] Impact of climate change on peatland mesocosms under various scenarios

PI: Shokoufeh Salimi

The project aims to investigate the effect of climate change on peatland mesocosms under different scenarios a) left alone b) ditch cleaning c) restoration. In this study, the response of peatlands mesocosms will be monitored in terms of hydrology, nutrients dynamics, as well as greenhouse gas emission.

Peatland mesocosmsClimate changeRestoration

[ID: 164] What is the effect of climate change on water quality in boreal and temperate catchments? Studying water transit times in long time-series and their coupling to biogeochemical processes

PI: Andrés Peralta Tapia

In this project, we will have the unique opportunity to integrate state-of-the-art estimates of catchment transit time with a wealth of existing and ongoing stream monitoring data to determine how hydrological transit time variation shape stream biogeochemical patterns within drainage networks. The combination of hydrological modeling, stream chemistry monitoring, and isotopic analysis will provide a powerful opportunity to advance our understanding of how catchments function as biogeochemical units.

Transit timeStable isotopesWater qualityBiogeochemistryClimate change