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[ID: 429] Evidence-based Decision Support for Hydrological Ecosystem Services from Wetlands

PI: Kevin Bishop

The capacity of wetlands to moderate extremes of flood and drought is an important rationale for including wetland restoration and construction in major climate adaptation investments being funded by Swedish authorities. This project will make use of our experience in analyzing high-resolution runoff data (e.g. Karlsen et al., 2019) to determine the storage and release characteristics of wetland catchments and define parsimonious modeling strategies to quantify this function in peatlands and wetlands. These models will be used to explore how different types of wetlands will function under future climate conditions in differnet topographic settings. The results of these detailed studies will then be used to improve the representation of wetlands in the landscape scale hydrological modeling system S-Hype.


[ID: 335] Eddy Mercury – Utilizing novel eddy covariance technique to quantify Hg flux from the boreal landscapes

PI: Wei Zhu

We will conduct a study on (1) Hg(0) flux measurements on the two peatlands (Hälsingfors and Degerö) using the direct non-intrusive using advanced Hg(0) Eddy Covariance Technique, (2) ambient air Hg(II) concentration measurements using membrane method, (3) measurements of Hg wet deposition via precipitation. These measurements will allow us to elucidate the pathways in which atmospheric Hg species enter the boreal forest ecosystem and to quantify the magnitudes of Hg deposition for the individual pathways.

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