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[ID: 335] Eddy Mercury – Utilizing novel eddy covariance technique to quantify Hg flux from the boreal landscapes

PI: Haijun Peng

We will conduct a study on (1) Hg(0) flux measurements on the two peatlands (Hälsingfors and Degerö) using the direct non-intrusive using advanced Hg(0) Eddy Covariance Technique, (2) ambient air Hg(II) concentration measurements using membrane method, (3) measurements of Hg wet deposition via precipitation. These measurements will allow us to elucidate the pathways in which atmospheric Hg species enter the boreal forest ecosystem and to quantify the magnitudes of Hg deposition for the individual pathways.

MercuryEddy CovariancePeatland

[ID: 146] Land Atmosphere Exchange of Mercury using Relaxed Eddy Accumulation

PI: Kevin Bishop

Measuring land atmosphere exchange of Mercury using Relaxed Eddy Accumulation above the forest


[ID: 138] Mire Chronosequence Project

PI: Jacob Smeds

Inventory of mercury in peatlands of different ages, ranging from 100 to 8000 years of age. Surface peat will be in focus and the accumulation rate of mercury in the top 50 centimeters.