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[ID: 131] Seasonal impact of vegetation on atmospheric elemental mercury dry deposition

PI: Lena Wohlgemuth

The goal of this project is to better understand the importance of gaseous elemental mercury uptake by vegetation relative to Hg(II) deposition by rain and snowfall.

depositionvegetationfoliar uptakemercury

[ID: 115] Global analysis of the relation between vegetation and transit times using stable water isotopes

PI: Stefanie Lutz

Recent studies have demonstrated a direct relation between climate characteristics and vegetation in catchments. For example, plants appear to develop a root system that allows both optimal growth and resistance against region-specific droughts. As climatic conditions also affect the way catchments store and release water (i.e., the transit times), we expect a direct relation between vegetation and transit times. To test this hypothesis across diverse climate zone, we are creating and analysing a global dataset of water balance and stable water isotope data.

transit timesvegetationcatchmentsstable water isotopes