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[ID: 315] Spore monitoring at the experimental forests

PI: Åke Olson

Spore traps are installed in connection to the forest experimental forests and are being used for ongoing monitoring of existing and new airborne fungal spores. The operation is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology. The traps are located adjacent to the experimental forests climate monitoring stations to synergize the two programmes. This monitoring activity could be developed and expanded, but the question is where and how to collect spores to fulfil a wide array of research interests needs to be further investigated. A pilot study with varying trap placement and sample collection would be an important piece of the puzzle in developing our methods and this type of monitoring.


[ID: 93] Register for Long-term field experiments

PI: Ulla Nylander

Long-term field experiments. Register of the following particulars: status, last visit, registration Silvaboreal, binders, logging declaration. Experiments categoriesed by priority 1-3, "others" and experiments proposed for termination.

field experimentssilvaborealstatus