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[ID: 268] Carbon balance of managed and unmanaged boreal forest

PI: Jenny Dahl

The aim of this project is to investigate harvesting effects on soil carbon stock in old-growth boreal forests in north-west Sweden. Soil carbon stock is quantified in the humus layer and down to 50 cm in the mineral soil at 23 sites of adjacent old-growth and younger stands in northern Sweden. Carbon stock in above ground biomass is also quantified. Other components measured or assessed are site index, bulk density and stoniness.

Carbon balanceold-growth forestharvesting effectssoil carbon

[ID: 192] The carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus budget of the Åheden long-term nitrogen deposition experiment

PI: Benjamin Forsmark

This project made a comprehensive inventory of element stocks of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the organic layer, 0-10 and 10-20 cm into the mineral soil in 2017, after 13 years of annual N addition rates at 3, 6, 12, and 50 kg N ha-1 yr-1 (n=&). 10 cores were collected in each plot and subsamples analysed by IRMS and spectrophotometry.

nitrogensoil carboninventory

[ID: 108] 1470 Rödålund

PI: Hyungwoo Lim

Effects of whole-tree thinnings, nitrogen fertilisation and wood-ash application on carbon and nitrogen stocks and soil chemistry in a Scots pine stand in northern Sweden. During thinning operation, harvesting residues can be utilized for renewable energy feedstocks. However, removals of the residues can also degrade biomass productivity and cause soil acidification. Combination of four treatments (conventional thinning, whole-tree thinning, with a compensatory fertilization, and with repeated fertilization), with split-plot based ash addition, we investigate biomass and soil carbon stocks in response to removals of harvest-residues.

whole tree harvestbiomassfertilizationsoil carbon