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[ID: 356] Soil BON soil sample collection

PI: Ola Langvall

Call by The global Soil Biodiversity Observation Network (Soil BON) ( A worldwide effort to understand soil biodiversity in changing world. The Swedish participation consists of collecting soil samples within 4 paired sites, where one sub-site is an IM site (natural spruce forest), the other sub-site is a long-term spruce thinning experiment, which is treated with a standard forest management. The participants in this project will get access to the soil data from the whole world-wide collection. First collection should be made during the summer 2022. A second collection could be done after a few years, on the initiative of the Soil BON admin. Sampling kits for the collection will be sent to Pernilla Rönnback, Dept. of Water and Env., Uppsala, for further distribution to the executors. Pernilla Rönnback is in charge of the sampling in the IM sites, Ola Langvall is in charge of the sampling in the experiment plots (no 907, 930, 950 and 8513).

soil biodiversitysoil samplinglong-term forest experimentIntegrated Monitoringnatural forests