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[ID: 321] Pollinator activity

PI: Per-Ola Hedwall

Part of an experiment in which we will assess how forest structure and microclimate affects pollinator activity. We have three experimental forests in Sweden (in Vindeln, Siljan and Vivarp) and each of them have 40 plots in the middle of which there are temperature loggers. In 39 out of these 40 plots, we will set cameras to record pollinator activity. Since not all plots have flowers in them, we have developed fake plastic flowers to attract pollinators and towards which the cameras will point. These flowers are painted in bright colors and will provide a sugar reward to pollinators. To avoid ants infesting these flowers and bullying away our pollinators, such flowers will be placed on a tray partially filled with water. Besides adding fake flowers, we still need to record natural real flowers in each plot, since they can also attract pollinators. We will use 13 cameras per forest and these cameras along with fake flowers will be moved within the forest stand every 3-4 days, to avoid that pollinators learn where fake flowers are, and to cover as much forest as possible. The cameras will be moved according to a pre-set schedule, and each camera will be circulating among three plots. Additionally, we have also set some traps at the landscape level to record what pollinators are flying in the area. These traps are called pan traps and consist of a set of bowls (one yellow, one blue and one white) partially filled with salty water and some drops of soap. Insects feel attracted to such bright colors and drown in these traps. These traps need to be emptied from time to time, and water and soap replaced.

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