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[ID: 237] Lake chamber flux measurements

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Floating chambers are used to determe Green House Gas emissions from lake Stortjärn. The sampling strategy is based on the lake depth structure and three transects with 1 to 4 chambers each located so that they cover the majority of the depth profile.

fluxgreenhouse gaslakemonitoring

[ID: 236] Stortjärn lake water sampling

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Lake Stortjärn is one of the most expansive research sites within the Krycklan catchment, both in terms of new projects and infrastructure development.


[ID: 50] Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Stortjärn

PI: Blaize Denfeld

From June 1 -Nov 1 2016 carbon dioxide and methane concentration and emission was measured on the lake every two weeks.

carbon cyclinggreenhouse gas emissionslake