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[ID: 467] Groundwater and topsoil sampling at Krycklan catchment

PI: Arina Ivanova

Krycklan catchment is one of the locations of our cross-European sampling campaign, which aim is to generalize the observations from AquaDiva field sites (Thuringia, Germany). We plan to do topsoil and groundwater sampling at three locations within catchment corresponding to different hydrogeological conditions (wells transecting till, sand and metamorphic bedrock). We study dissolved organic matter (DOM), an omnipresent constituent of natural waters, to trace transformations of matter in the subsurface. With the collected groundwater and soil samples, we want to compare source and groundwater DOM and identify the key parameters that influence DOM transformation. Two studies are planned with the topsoil samples: soil lipidome study and an assessment of the potential of free-living nitrogen fixation in various European soils. To support and link the studies, we will assess the composition if microbial communities in soil and groundwater collected at Krycklan catchment.

carbon cyclefree-living nitrogen fixationgroundwatersoil lipidome