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[ID: 316] Preliminary study and analysis of available knowledge regarding damage risks in different forest management systems and associated economic comparisons

PI: Charlotta Erefur

It is of interest to investigate and evaluate the probability of different types of damage based on different forest management methods. This is to be able to weigh the risks, as well as any consequences of these methods when making economic comparisons. When including the risk of damage, the forest owner would receive a more complete background prior to the choice of management method. This feasibility study includes finding suitable researchers who can participate in the work and finding a way to tackle the problem.

management methodsforestrydamagerisk

[ID: 160] Drivers of indreasing iron concentrations in streams

PI: Emma Kritzberg

This is a project that will exploit moitoring data of chemistry in headwater streams and soil profiles to explore how trends of increasing Fe concentations in streams vary with dominating land cover and which factors may drive these trends. In addition, detailed analyses of Fe speciation in soil soil water and streams is planned.


[ID: 121] Reducing forestry related greenhouse gas emissions from stream ecosystems by smarter riparian buffer zones

PI: Marcus Klaus

We aim to explore the pathways and quantify the magnitude of atmospheric CO2, CH4 and N20 fluxes at the level of boreal streams, riparian soils and trees along gradients of riparian clear-cut buffer zones.

Riparian zonegreenhouse gasforestrysoil-water-tree interaction

[ID: 63] Source Stream protection from forest practices: What are the costs and benefits, and how best to do it?

PI: Lenka Kuglerova

This project investigates forestry effects on small headwater streams on local as well as integrated catchment scale. We are looking into best management scenarios (riparian buffers) to mitigate the effects of forest harvest on freshwater organisms, processes, hydrology and biogeochemistry of headwater streams.

forestryriparian buffersheadwater streamsfreshwater ecology