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[ID: 206] Gallring och gödsling i skiktad granskog (Adaptiva)

PI: Fredrik Sjödin

This project in safe deposit is the main collection point of data for the trial series gg skiktad granskog. All data except what is on the ESF field data base. Backup data, summary of trials, general information, revision 2019. All 12 plots. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Special data from Wood decay studie 2015 by Anna Gunulf Åberg, plot 1565, 1566, 1572, 1575, 1576.

summaryselection systemProject backupmeta datarevision 2019fertilisationWood decay fungusthinningspruce

[ID: 184] Effects of arginine fertilization and the alternative planting points turned over tilt, bare mineral soil and non-prepared ground on seedling survival and growth in field trials of P. sylvestris

PI: Bodil Häggström

A total number of 4900 seedlings of Pinus sylvestris were planted in field trials May/June 2018, distributed over 16 sites in the boreal forest of Sweden within a latitude span 58°N to 67°N. The seedlings were divided in two treatments: Fertilized with arGrow ® Granulat and Untreated (control). Both treatments were divided into three different planting points: Turned over tilt, Non-scarified soil and Bare mineral soil. Inventory of survival and part-harvest for measurements was done in August 2018. Inventory of survival of the remaining seedlings and field measurements were performed in August-September 2019.

fertilisationplanting pointseedling survival

[ID: 64] Impact of nutrition and climate change on the structure and function of boreal coniferous forests

PI: Sune Linder

Long-term studies of the effects of optimised fertilisation (Flakaliden) and nitrogen addition (Rosinedal) on the structure and function of boreal forests.Projects at these sites range from microbiology to forest management.