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[ID: 292] 13780 Litter fall Svartberget

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from 30 litter fall traps located in three stands close to Svartbergets field station. Litter fall from trap 1-18 (spruce dominated stand), trap 19-28 (pine dominated stand) and trap 29-30 (clearcut area) has in most cases been collected twice a year (spring and autumn). Litter fall from year 1984-1997 was sorted, dried and weighted by Elon Manfredsson. Dry weights digitised by Ulla Nylander. Files do not include measurements of needle lenght and calculated numbers of needles from the original forms.

dry weightlitter fallSvartberget

[ID: 88] 1477 Flakaliden Biomass

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from destructive sampling to describe tree and stand structure.

biomassdry weightfresh weightspruce

[ID: 87] 1471 Rosinedal Biomass

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from biomass sampling 2006, 2011 and 2018.

biomassdry weightfresh weightpine