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[ID: 290] CO2 Evasion from Ephemeral Streams 2020

PI: Kevin Bishop

Previously collected data on the chemistry of ephemeral streams collected by student interns will be analyzed to estimate the CO2 evasion. This will be the MSc thesisi of Wiktor Trojanowski at Uppsala University Dept of Earth Sciences

carbon dioxideevasionephemeral

[ID: 141] Exploring the Greenhouse Gas Balance of a Boreal Forest Landscape using Tall Tower Eddy Covariance Measurements

PI: Anne Klosterhalfen

With the tall tower eddy covariance measurements of CO2, CH4, and H2O fluxes (Svartberget), the GHG budgets can be derived directly for the Krycklan catchment on the landscape-scale. In addition, local source and sink contributions to this direct landscape-scale estimate will be investigated via advanced footprint modeling.

carbon dioxidemethanewater vaporfootprint modelinglandscape scale