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[ID: 300] LifePlan

PI: Johan Westin

Poor understanding of biodiversity and its drivers due to 1) lack of relevant data 2) complex processes underlying the biodiversity dynamics and lack of tools for converting the data that we have into a true understanding of the processes behind them. The aim with LIFEPLAN is to overcome both these hurdles by bringing together the key expertise needed to generate and interpret Big Ecological Data for a global synthesis of biotic patterning across our planet uniting community ecology, methods for automated species recognition, and Bayesian statistics for immense data. The LIFEPLAN venture will generate a well-standardized global data for a substantial proportion of all species. Such standardization is achieved through semi-automated methods, producing comparable data independent of the exact expertise of the person or team conducting the sampling. Based on a recent revolution in sampling methodology, such a sampling design is now finally achievable.

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