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[ID: 332] Demonstrational buffer area – Krycklan 1

PI: Lenka Kuglerova

The purpose of this demonstration area is to test whether a hydrological adapted buffer, combined with selective logging, can promote recovery of a riparian forest from historical legacy of rotation forestry. The main aim is to promote the growth of deciduous trees through selective logging and creation of canopy gaps, promoting deadwood recruitment and helping to develop a multistory canopy. At the same time, no harmful effects on water quality and aquatic and riparian ecology should be observed in addition to avoiding excessive windthrow. We are also interested whether the operations within the buffer can be accomplished with reasonable costs. A hydrologically adapted riparian buffer will be created in the clearcut below site 1 (C1) of the long-term Krycklan Catchment Study area. The buffer is divided into seven sections where the forest operations, volume of remaining trees, number of high stumps and width of the buffer are adapted to the soil hydrology of the specific section. The area will allow for field excursions to demonstrate these new practices and results. The before and after comparative design will allow for observation of change. This site is a part of planned larger project where a network of demonstration areas will test novel designs of riparian buffers.

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