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[ID: 391] Mönsterbrytande askanvändning

PI: Torbjörn Lestander

This doctoral project aims to streamline recycling of biogenic ash to forest land, but also to study how different ash transformations affect their plant availability. The work includes generating new, unique knowledge from ground-breaking field trials with partly forced leaching, partly new spreading technology that enables the use of fresh ash alongside hardened ash. The possibilities of using potassium from fresh ash will be studied to integrate other parts of the energy system, e.g. capture of CO2 within bio-CCS, e-fuels and advanced functional carbon materials for battery applications. The ambition is to develop innovative and cost-saving technology for simplified treatment and spreading of ash and to use empty return transports in the forest. The project, which strengthens academic competence in the area of bio-ashes, contributes to the construction of sustainable and bio-based value chains with bio-ashes as a resource.