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Growth Trends and Site Productivity Estimation of Boreal Forests in Sweden

Created 2020-10-23 16:26:09 and last modified 2020-10-23 16:34:58 CET
Began in 2018


This project investigates the time series of forest growth under changing environmental conditions in Sweden. Additionally, methods and functions for site productivity estimation are developed to aid in the selection and comparison of tree species growth rates during the stand rotation. To this regard, data from long-term experiments and sample-based national forest inventories would be key to answering questions related to the relationships between forest growth and climate, management, and biotic factors. The environmental conditions (abiotic factors) to be analyzed include temperature, precipitation, nitrogen deposition, and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The biotic factors include pest and diseases etc. Understanding these growth influencing factors are key to preparing boreal forests in Sweden for sustainable forest management under the uncertainties of future climate changes.

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