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Ätnarova- project continous-cover forestry northwestern Sweden

Created 2020-09-28 12:01:40 and last modified 2020-09-30 15:16:57 CET
Began in 2020


The project aims to compare traditional large area clear-cutting methods to alternative clear-cutting and continous-cover forestry for forests in northwestern Sweden. Measurements will be made mainly on different regeneration types and growth in remaining stands. The forestry board will also study the biodiversity. There will be several sites in northwestern sweden for this study that will be set out following years from 2019 and forward. The pilot study that started in 2019 is located close to the shores lake Stor-Juktan, Sorsele. The project is a collaboration between SLU, Sveaskog and the Swedish Forestry board.

continous-cover forestrylow productive forestsregeneration

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SLU, Sveaskog, Skogsstyrelsen

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