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Surface-ground water interaction: From watershed processes to hyporheic exchange

Created 2019-10-14 14:02:40 and last modified 2021-03-04 12:42:16 CET
Began in 2017


The project aims to increase the understanding of hydrological processes and transport in the surface and subsurface system under different climate conditions. We aim to develop a coupled hydrological-biogeochemical transport model that we can use to investigate different sites under different climate conditions. A coupled model describing solute transport at a landscape level will provide valuable information to the development of biosphere models. The impact on transport and biogeochemical processes in the landscape caused by differences in hydrology and climate are vital to get a better understanding of, especially when conceptualizing the ecosystem models used for radionuclide transport and dos-calculations. Nevertheless, the understanding of how and if a conceptual model of an eco-system needs to be changed in different climate scenarios is limited. One aim of this project is to identify conceptual differences in transport and accumulation of matter within and between eco-system under changing climate states.

Modelsurface watergroundwaterbaseflowtravel timesintra-annual variationsstream flowMike-SHE

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Mike SHE Model 2021 Weathering Elin Jutebring Sterte et al., 2021 Hydrological control of water quality – Modelling base cation weathering and dynamics across heterogeneous boreal catchments doi:
Jutebring Sterte et al., 2020 Mike SHE model and Set up Chemistry data
Mike SHE Model 2021





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