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Understory carbon and water budgets in boreal forests measured from the below-canopy eddy covariance towers.

Created 2019-09-10 08:49:36 and last modified 2019-09-19 10:42:34 CET
Began in 2019


Boreal forest floor plays an significant role in the ecosystem-scale carbon and water dynamics in boreal forests. However, accurate quantification of understory's contribution is quite challenging due to e.g. non-ideal conditions for the below-canopy eddy covariance measurements. In my project, I will use the direct below-canopy eddy covariance towers as well as manual chamber measurements to assess the carbon and water budgets of forest floors in two contrasting boreal forests, Svartberget and Rosinedal, respectively, to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms in carbon and water cycles in boreal forest ecosystems.

Understory CO2 fluxes CH4 fluxes H2O fluxes eddy covariance manual chambers

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